Can we block Pokémon Go on LDSAccess?

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Re: Can we block Pokémon Go on LDSAccess?


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One issue is personal VPNs, ads have been running all over that tout them as ways to beat filtering. If we can get at least a good number, and watch for new ones as others are blocked, we can cut down on this.

Another issue is some places may be just using the 'Managed' setting on Technology Manager, this needs to be bumped up to the next level to ensure that apps do not update, any already known personal VPNs are blocked, and games that require Internet access are blocked.

What brought me here today (had not been in a while) was a comment to a post on Facebook about the new network that came from the Salt Lake area that indicated people were bumming off the higher speed wifi to watch movies online in the parking lot on their devices, that points mainly to where the Technology Manager setting was only set to Managed and not to at least that next level.

My stake does it right. Hats off to Meetinghouse Tech on that work involving filtering, I am enjoying a much better experience when starting and using my devices at the meetinghouse. My device now won't auto-update or autoload non-essential apps thus making both startup and throughput in Church apps faster. I power down before going to the meetinghouse and power up once there or on Sunday, just after the intermediate music and then am ready to use during the second hour.
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