Geocodes and MLS

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Geocodes and MLS

Postby ihenpecked » Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:48 am

Did a search and couldn't find a thread with my question.
When using geocodes to plot new ward boundaries, will MLS accept single-digit geocodes? We had a problem rolling over certain geocodes to register in the model ward stats in the proposed boundary split. Has anybody had any experience with this?

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No answer, but maybe additional info?

Postby unixguy » Sat Jun 09, 2007 8:55 pm

Same event as Mike posted about, but maybe this additional information might help us understand what's going on behind the scenes?

I've been very aggressive about keeping our geocode information up to date when proposed boundaries moved around a bit. I was updating both the Stake and Ward geocode fields so that when our Ward info was uploaded the stake would have the right info. Since I've been doing this for several months, I was amazed when we recently received a spreadsheet based on (Stake MLS export) from the Stake Clerk that had a whole bunch of incorrect Stake geo code info.

What the Stk Pres. Counselor and I determined is that apparently the Ward is able to change the Stake Geo field in the Ward data, but that change doesn't propogate to the Stake.

(For the record, I was using the same geocode info in both the Ward and Stake geocode fields, because the custom reports don't seem to let you use the Ward Geo field to filter data (or perhaps I wasn't able to include Ward Geo in the output).)

Although I haven't had any problems at all with single digit geo codes, I have had the problem that I describe above.

Can someone familiar with MLS internals shed any light on this, and perhaps point to an explanation of how these two fields are best used and the interactions that those fields have with other units?

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