HiDPI issue

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HiDPI issue


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I know that this is a minor issue but it may become a bigger issue as HiDPI is more common. I am running the library in an Android emulator on my PC because the android apps are far superior to the Windows 10 apps. But in the Gospel Library, the pages become corrupted now and then and fragment. I have attached an example of how the page renders. It does not do this every page but about every 6 pages or so. If I make the screen much smaller I have no problem. Again, I know that this is probably not a major thing and probably few are using an emulator to view. But for development down the road . . .

I am running AMIDuOS PRO (Jellybean) on a Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga.Both graphics drivers are up to date: Intel HD Graphics 520, and NVIDIA Quadro M500M.
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