LDS Tools Inconsistently Missing Thumbnail Photos

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LDS Tools Inconsistently Missing Thumbnail Photos


Post by jaren4096 »

LDS Tools v3.1.0 - Android 7.0 - Bishopric 1st Counselor Role

A few months ago, I used the to upload family and individual photos for my household. They are all approved and all have stake visibility.

When I visit LCR, the individual photos are displayed.

When I visit the individual photo in LDS Tools v3.1.0 on Android 7.0, and drill into the full-screen individual photo view for any of the five members of my household, all the photos are present. However, only one of the individual photo thumbnails is available in any view that uses a photo thumbnail (member list, individual view, etc). Why is the behavior inconsistent?

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Re: LDS Tools Inconsistently Missing Thumbnail Photos


Post by kellymab »

The developers have been working on multiple major bugs found in the photo directory all summer long since an update was made. Several significant problems have been discovered that they are trying to correct. There is not ETA of when they will all be fixed.

The best course of action is to send feedback via the app to let the developers know of your situation.
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Re: LDS Tools Inconsistently Missing Thumbnail Photos


Post by mschmauch »

Using my Nexus 6P with 7.1.2 and LDS Tools 3200:2016-12-19T16:40:24.775-07:00 seemingly at random I can put in pictures and usually can see the individual picture, but cannot see the picture within the circle in the individual listing format. I try to put in the picture from various sources, and android and using my apple iPad (which does work) and it seems to make no difference.
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