Giving Access

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Giving Access


Post by ichabod6 »

I am still relatively new to being a ward clerk and am still trying to figure some things out. I have had a recent request from our YW president. We have a calling in our ward called YW Personal Progress Specialist. This is not a calling that is officially in the church system but is a custom calling in our ward, because they are not a member of the YW presidency they have not been allowed access to the same things as the YW presidency on LDS Tools. The YW president would like her to have the same access so that she may have the girls information to assist with personal progress. Is this possible to do and if so how? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Giving Access


Post by eblood66 »

It is not possible to grant additional rights. The only way to give someone rights is to give them a calling which provides those rights.

In this case the only workable suggestion I've encountered is to call the Personal Progress Specialist as an adviser in each of the YW classes.
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Re: Giving Access


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See also this thread: Personal Progress Question
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Re: getting Access for elder corm


Post by HenryLDS »

Is there a web site that I go to for For LCR
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Re: getting Access for elder corm


Post by aebrown »

HenryLDS wrote:Is there a web site that I go to for For LCR
Yes, sign in to, and then under My Account and Ward in the upper right corner you'll see a link to Leader and Clerk Resources.

There are also some shortcuts to get you directly there:
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