Viewing Home Teachers as well as Families taught

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Re: Viewing Home Teachers as well as Families taught


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There's useful "return and report," and then there's entangling people in trivialities. The more people you have to go through to get something done, the less likely that it will ever happen.

If I want to know who home teaches me, or if I misplaced my assignment slip (and my ward has high turnover, therefore new HT assignments are frequent), 1) I don't WANT to put another thing on a quorum/group leader's to-do list, 2) they may not have any spare capacity at the moment at all (a *majority* of households in my ward have one or more adults in graduate or professional school!), and 3) if they do have the spare capacity, they could be spending it on better ministries than shuffling paper for me (compare Acts 6:2).

Yes, the structures and procedures of the Church should provide frequent contact between the leader and the led. But we could be wiser about what kinds of contact we promote. Not making personally relevant HT information available for self-service seems like hierarchy merely for hierarchy's sake, and when it interferes with establishing contact between the teacher and the teachee I don't think an additional leadership contact on a trivial subject is good compensation for it.
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Re: Viewing Home Teachers as well as Families taught


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Personally, I would not have a problem asking a quorum/group counselor/assistant for an update on a home teaching assignment. That's part of their job description.

From earlier in the thread:
mevans wrote:You can use the "Feedback" link found at the bottom of most pages on to request the feature. It may not get you the feature, but the information you submit is reviewed.
and, regarding who makes the decisions regarding what features are available in the tools:
russellhltn wrote:Only if the Priesthood Department decides to do so.
I'm having difficulty phrasing this in a way that sounds as diplomatic as it should be phrased, but in addition to the 'Feedback' link, each of us does have a direct communication link to the Top Supervisor over the Priesthood Department.
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