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JustServe.org support


Post by csession »

Who is tending the home-fires on the justserve.org web page?

There is a "Feedback link" but it doesn't guarantee a response ...

This is kind of sad if we are putting this out for a bunch of community organizations, but there is only best-effort support behind it.

Here is my problem:

I registered on an Ipad, confirmed the activation link, and logged on.

When I tried to login to the iOS App, I must have not remembered my password properly, so I tried to get the password reset link to work.

I never get an email
It will re-send me an activation email, but there is something going wrong with the password reset email.

Is there a tech forum for the JustServe site?


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Re: JustServe.org support


Post by patlynne »

I have volunteered for Project Protect at Murray Deseret Industries. I signed up to pick up materials on Tuesday, April 21, between 11-11:30 AM. I have not received a confirmation email.

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Re: JustServe.org support


Post by jdlessley »

patlynne wrote:I have not received a confirmation email.
The forum is primarily user-to-user help and support. There is little to nothing we can do to find out the status of your service. I would suggest trying to find some contact information for the service you signed up for on the Just Serve site.
JD Lessley
Have you tried finding your answer on the ChurchofJesusChrist.org Help Center?
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