Highlights not showing up when it is linked to another scripture

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Highlights not showing up when it is linked to another scripture


Post by jjmccormick »

Why do highlights not show up on LDS.org, when I link another scripture to those highlights from my mobile device?

Example On my mobile device( Iphone 6 gospel library installed) I can highlight a verse and then add some notes, tag it, and link it to another scripture. However when I look at this verse through LDS.org the highlight, the notes, tag, and link do not show up on the verse. However, if I go to the Notes sections on Lds.org I can see the tag, highlight, note and the link. See the attached screen shots.

Verse I highlighted was 2 Nephi 1:30 linked it to Alma 62:37

Any help on this would be great.
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Re: Highlights not showing up when it is linked to another scripture


Post by sbradshaw »

The study tools on LDS.org have not progressed as consistently as the Gospel Library app, and they don't fully support user-created links. Each annotation is stored as a single combined entry, so, for example, a highlight, link, tag, note, and notebook for a selection would all be saved in the same entry. My guess is that the scripture page on LDS.org sees that the annotation has a link and doesn't know how to parse it, so it skips the whole thing. It looks like the Notes section is a little smarter when it comes to links.

We've been told that revamped study tools are being designed, but we don't know the extent of the update or when it will come. But if/when an update to the LDS.org study tools comes, there will almost certainly be better support for links, since it's a key feature in Gospel Library.
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