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Re: Child of Record - FamilySearch timeline


Post by aebrown »

The confusion has been resolved. Biggles provided some information to me via private message that helped me to determine that he was looking at document records (under Search > Records) rather than a person (under Family Tree > Find).

It turns out that the person in Family Tree was indeed properly updated and is visible (because it is a deceased person) and has the death date properly recorded. According to the details on the person, the death appears to have been added 5 days after the death (and Biggles mentioned that he personally recorded the death in LCR on the very date of the person's death). Five days is longer than I've ever seen in my experience, but it was indeed recorded properly.
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Re: Child of Record - FamilySearch timeline


Post by Biggles »

lajackson wrote:
Biggles wrote:Which brings me back to my original question, how long does FamilySearch take to display a death?
Normally within a few days, in my experience. So be sure to check out the other suggestions that have been made in this topic.
Its been more than 1.5 months since the details were recorded.
Someone else, on the forum, has kindly offered to check it out for me.

This is a paraphrased answer of what has been found, so my understanding of that may not be entirely accurate.

The FamilySearch source, using the Search function, uses the official government records for the information. As far as I know, the government system works on a three month cycle, so probably the updated record won't appear until next January/February time. Family Tree, however uses the Church membership records as its initial source, which would explain the information there.

Thanks to everyone for their input. I will now be able to explain to the concerned parent what the situation is!
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Re: Child of Record - FamilySearch timeline


Post by waynecooke »

I know this is an old post, but the question is, did the OP talk to Family Search to get any of his questions answered? It is amazing how many questions can be answered when we ask the people whose job it is to answer those questions.
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