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English Display with French Dates in Printout

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:05 pm
by lajackson
Here's a new one. On the administrative computer in the clerk's office, LCR displays an IOS and a temple recommend status report and a few other things in English, as expected. The document is sent to the printer.

The dates on the printed document are all in French, not English as displayed on the screen. Ooh la la! What to do?

So I told the clerk I would post the observation here, and just before we hung up, I thought to mention that he might try clearing the cache and history on the computer.

As I was typing this message, he called back and said clearing the cache and history worked. The documents are now printing with English months instead of French months in the dates.

I still think something is wrong with the website programming. But it appears this particular problem can be fixed with clean cache and a pure history, and no swearing by the clerk, as the scripture says. (Psalm 24:4)