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Lesson Schedule Spreadsheet


Post by kennethjorgensen »

With the church discontinuing the lesson schedule tool I have created a spreadsheet to replace it.

As I leader I found the lesson tool very helpful to encourage and follow up on making sure auxiliaries were planning these lessons in advance as well as members always knowing what lessons were being taught for not just themselves but also for their children which could be used for a chat with them on Sunday afternoon.

In this spreadsheet, I have included the lesson material for most of the 2017 lessons and classes.

There are different "sheets" for each class. They contain the dates and the lesson topics and are ready for you to cut, copy and paste according to local circumstances
The sheet "Sunday Lessons" is the view of the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. Here you can change the name of your ward/branch but leave the rest alone.
The sheet "Ward" has the option for you to choose the classes you want to appear on the "Sunday Lessons" sheet according to local circumstances. The date displayed calculates the upcoming Sunday automatically. There are some hidden columns here used to display the data on the other sheet.

The first thing to do is find out when your ward and stake conferences are and mark those on the dates affected and then cut, copy and paste the lesson material around.
For the Youth Sunday School, Young Men and Young Women lessons I have copied the monthly topic into the lesson but all the lessons to choose from are displayed in the other columns for that month so this can easily be copied during planning of those lessons.

I included some 2016 dates and the data for those dates I have only included so you can see it working already now. It is possible to add and delete rows for each class "sheet" if needed.

I have saved it as an Excel 2003 format (xls) so it will be easier to import into an online spreadsheet if you wish to host it online.
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Re: Lesson Schedule Spreadsheet


Post by whitebandana »

Many thanks for taking the time to do this. I have adapted and shared this to suit our ward's needs and credited you for your work. :D
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Re: Lesson Schedule Spreadsheet


Post by johnshaw »

Ahhh... thanks, the 1990's are back!!!
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Re: Lesson Schedule Spreadsheet


Post by bballrob »

This is pretty awesome!!
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Re: Lesson Schedule Spreadsheet


Post by Simmons48 »

I just want to say a big, THANK YOU!!!

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