How long does the lockout last for LDS Accounts?

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How long does the lockout last for LDS Accounts?

Postby dmaynes » Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:34 am

A sister in my ward struggled through the new LDS Account registration process (I don't have all the steps documented, and I don't remember them, so I wasn't a lot of help over the phone). But, she finally succeeded in getting the e-mail sent.

She couldn't sign in and after a few failures (including one by yours truly) the account was locked. How long does the lock out last?

By the way, I didn't find that the error message was helpful.

The user name or password you have provided has not been registered.
The above message is confusing for a user who typed the password incorrectly. I understand the security thinking to not disclose whether the user name is registered or not. But, I believe this error message would be more helpful if it were modified.

The user name you have provided has not been registered OR the password that you entered was incorrect.

If your user name has been registered, you may have typed your password incorrectly. Please make sure that "Caps Lock" is not on and that you type your password using upper and lower case, exactly as you originally entered it. If you have forgotten your password, please click here.

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