Home Teaching - Report Changes

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Home Teaching - Report Changes

Postby toddarave-p40 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:10 am

As a High Priest Group Leader I use 2 home teaching reports frequently.
1- Home Teaching Statistics
2- Home Teaching Companionships

I would like to see the following changes.

Home Teaching Statistics report
(1) I'd like to see an effective start date in your data model for associating families to Home Teachers. This would solve a problem on the home teachings stats report. The top section of the report "Statistics by Month" lists home teaching percentages for each month. The issue we see is when my Secretary enters our home teaching for the previous month we may have 80% home teaching. However, after he then assigns families that were not assigned home teachers in the home teaching month the report then shows a lower percentage. In fact it will downward adjust all prior months where the family was in the ward but not assigned home teachers. For example this happen last month. Our home teachers taught 60 families, then we assigned an additional 7 families to be taught. The result was the report adjusted down our home teaching by the 7 newly assigned families. Our home teaching percentage when down and I had to spend time figuring out why. If a start date for the association of home teaching companionships to families was used this issue would be resolved.
(2) When printing the report for the previous month it lists the current month stats, this is undesired. For example if we enter our January home teaching in February then print the report the February (current month) data shows on the report. The report would be more useful if it did not show current month data. At a minimum could we have a parameter for the report were the user could specify if they want to view current month information. Notice also the section "Households Not Visited", the "Visits" column percentage is adjusted downward because the current month is also included in the prior 13 months result.
(3) If the above two changes to the stats report are not possible could you add two new lines to the "Statistics by Month" section of the report. One to show the number of families visited by H.P. and another families visited by Elders. We could then use these figures to calculate our own H.T. percentages.

Home Teaching Companionship report
(1) Do not show current month data on this report. The current month data is typically blank on this report. This is because we do not enter our home teaching until the month has ended. Having the current month data on the report also skews the visiting percentage as it is not possible to get more then 92% home teaching on this report unless home teaching is entered before the current month is over. If it's a requirement to have current month on the report for some wards... could we have a parameter that we could conditionally not show current month data.

To make the home teaching reports more useful there needs to be a start_date added to the following two relationships in the MLS data model.
(1) start_date of when a companionship if first created
(2) start_date of when a family is assigned to a companionship

Thanks for your consideration of these changes. :)


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Postby techgy » Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:21 am

Thanks for your thoughtful ideas. It would appear that you have been giving your suggestions a lot of effort. However, I would remind you that these forums are not always monitored by Church employees, thus we cannot guarantee that your ideas will be taken into consideration - or even seen - by those whom you intended.

As these reports are generated from the MLS system I would recommend that you use the feedback utility of that system to direct your suggestions to the Church directly.

Thanks for your participation and good luck with your ideas. ;)
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Thanks for the Feedback

Postby toddarave-p40 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:12 pm


Thanks for the feedback as you can tell I have struggled with these reports. I did forward an email with these requests to msrmail@ldsmail.net.


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