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Church Account is the primary user account (user name and password) for accessing online Church resources. Church Account was formerly known as LDS Account. This forum is a space to discuss all things related to Church Accounts (registration, account recovery, user experience, vulnerabilities, etc.).
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jdlessley wrote:Will that work when the e-mail address entered into the original registration is no longer a valid e-mail address? Doesn't the last part of registration involve getting a message in which you must click a link to complete the registration process?
I tried it myself by providing my member number and conf date. Once I had that correct I was logged in to where I could change my Email, password and other profile info.

One of the unique aspects of these new LDS accounts is that an individual has access to make changes on their own.

Edit: You need to check the box that indicates that you don't remember or have an Email address. Then you're asked for your membership number and confirmation date.
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