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Re: Online reimbursement using jotform


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This is an interesting discussion. In the future I would love to see an online reimbursement request tool included in Leader and Clerk Resources, with the ability to snap a picture of a receipt with my phone to submit with the form.

Until then though, I would caution that under our current instructions for Stake Auditors such a system would need to be used sparingly. The audit requires that most payments should be accompanied by ORIGINAL receipts, invoices, etc. (Of course enforcement will vary)

To avoid the delays of the "High Council Express", there is always the postal service. It will add to the expense, but at least in most populated areas it's fairly swift.

Instructions for Question 17
• Every payment, cash withdrawal, and advance should have proof of the expense. Original documents, such as receipts or invoices, are preferred.
• If an original receipt or an original invoice is lost, the substitute documentation should include a written explanation with the payment’s purpose, a description of what was bought or paid for, the date the payment was made, the name of the person assisted (for payments from the fast-offering fund), and proper approval. Such documentation should be a rare exception. If several transactions are documented this way, mark this question “No.”
• Proper approval of automatic charges, as described in the instructions for question 16, is considered proper documentation.
• A payment request form alone is not adequate documentation.
• When possible, payments from the fast-offering fund should be made directly to the providers of goods and services rather than to the persons being assisted or to other individuals. Recipients of fast offerings should submit receipts to show how they spent funds given directly to them.
• Details shown on the invoice, receipt, and check stub—such as date, amount, purpose, and person or entity to whom payment was made—should match the Expense Detail Report.
If any tested payment lacks adequate documentation, or if the documentation does not match the Expense Detail Report, mark “No.”
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Re: Online reimbursement using jotform


Post by johnshaw »

Once again just proving how unique and different stake to stake interpretation of things. You can choose to believe that [preferred] = used sparingly.... you say it Should be accompanied by ORIGINAL receipts, invoices, etc.. but what it actually says is should have PROOF of the EXPENSE.

I'd be happy to work within a system the Church puts up as well, it would be my preferred way of doing it :)

Luckily nobody will ever have my advice about it again, did my time, found as many ways to be efficient as possible, your results may vary.
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Re: Online reimbursement using jotform


Post by JLT201 »

I am the financial secretary for Hamilton Mountain Ward, in the Hamilton Ontario Stake. Canada
Please publish a video how ward leaders can be reimbursed for expenses using reimbursement expenses online. YouTube video is the best way to show us how can start using this program in Canada.

The video paying Tithing online has been fabulous and almost 90% of our ward is using the system online. Pay tithing from anywhere and at any day. no more cheques, no more cash only two minutes away by clicking on LDS. ORG.
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