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I also see that there is very little commitment to actually do the ordinances when the names are reserved with an app with no further research. The user gets the good feeling of reserving the name, and promptly forgets about it. I have had names I am researching reserved by distant cousins using these crawling apps within an hour of adding them to Family Tree. They sit there reserved for months without even getting printed. I get so frustrated because I would already have the work done if it wasn't for these apps. After doing the research, I feel like I know these dead people personally, and I know they aren't happy either!
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zaneclark wrote:I have just downloaded a new app from the FS website called "Take a Name." It searches your tree for ordinances that need to be done. I have some questions about this, but the developers don't seem to have a help or service link. One of my questions is this....doesn't FS have a way to identify needed ordinances without using a separate app?
If u go to family search then temple and click then choose opportunities. This should show u names waiting.
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I downloaded Take a name for my side of the family and it worked great, I am going to the Temple! When I was doing it on my husbands side, it gave me the option to pick 5, 10 or 20 names. Most of those names were within the 110 year limit and so I probably can't do most. How can I change the search to all names in all lines for him?

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I was serving in the Newport Temple today. Part of the time I was the recording at the side of the baptismal font. One couple from out of state where her on vacation. They mentioned they had download Take A Name. At the hotel they are at they then printed off 20 names for her and 20 names for him, which they brought to the temple today. Wow! I am impressed. So I am working to get it downloaded now. I am excited. Alan
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Before you get too carried away, you might want to watch this:

BYU Family History Library: What Every Family Tree User Should Know about Name Finding Apps

I'd suggest that if the whole point was to generate names, the church would have built that app a long time ago and pushed the button for us instead of building a website.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "site:churchofjesuschrist.org/help" to the search criteria.

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KathrynGZ wrote:I've found several problems with apps that crawl FT looking for names.

[*]These programs don't tell you if someone else is currently in the process of reserving the names. A friend called not too long ago to relate with deep disappointment that she had been in the process of entering names in Family Tree which she had carefully researched--only to have someone else crawl those lines and reserve the names. And I'm sure they thought they were just reserving names the Church had put there for them to find. The other night I had a name available for about three minutes--no more than five--and someone reserved it right as I was trying to do so. This can be very discouraging, especially to people who are just starting to do their family history.

[*]We should be looking for names to ADD to Family Tree. Family Tree currently contains about 1 billion names. Population experts estimate the earth's total population over time at 600 billion. Granted, records aren't available for everyone. But there are records for many, many people who just need to be researched and added to Family Tree. When people use apps to crawl FT, they often end up doing invalid ordinances at the expense of those who need their ordinances done.

[*]For many users, these apps take the place of listening to the Spirit. That's not the app's fault. But it is a problem I've observed because people assume names are just there waiting for them to harvest, and seeking the guidance of the Spirit becomes moot.[/list]


This is EXACTLY why I use a private genealogy program FIRST to do my original research and then place it on FS only when I am ready to reserve it or share it. There are specific blessings given to those that do the work on their own family lines, and I will be darned if I am just going to give those away to some android scavenger. You may say I don't have the right spirit about this, but really, what eternal purpose is served by enabling those too lazy or unwilling to do their own work and make an actual contribution of new names, as you say. Thank you for your post.
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Post by csk1950 »

I have this app on my phone and can't seem to get it to print on my wireless printer?
Hopefully you can instruct me what I am doing wrong ?

Thank You
Craig S,. Karren UT.
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Re: "Take a Name"


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csk1950 wrote:I have this app on my phone and can't seem to get it to print on my wireless printer?
Hopefully you can instruct me what I am doing wrong ?
As noted in this post, this app is not created by the Church, but rather by a commercial developer. See that post for details on how to get support.
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Post by BeGoodAlways »

Could someone please tell me what the church's position is in regards to this app? Obviously, it is a partner app with the church, as the church advertises it on Family Search. But to get to the heart of it, shouldn't Family History consultants first introduce Family Search to people who are just getting started or are use to the old paper methods, rather than 1st introducing an app that "crawls" the tree? It appears some wards are trying to "replace" Family Search with this app, as some have added on almost 10 new FHC for just 1 ward and wants these consultants to use this app as the main source to teach the whole ward. Only after people start running out of names for the temple using this app, then the consultants are to start teaching them how to find names. Isn't this counterintuitive? How are people to learn from the spirit and follow the spirit by only using an app, instead of actually doing some research (which Family Search has made VERY user friendly and easy to learn now), finding children, other links, etc? Isn't a big part of family history making discoveries and linking families???

I'm just trying to understand this better and what the FHC should or shouldn't be helping with and if there is some type of order to this learning or teaching? The app seems helpful if it is a quick rushing to the temple type of thing, but for everyday use, especially with the youth, they will not know how to research and truly find names (and more importantly, feel that the deceased family member has a story, is a real person, not just a name or numbers game, who they will be serving as they do their temple work for them.) I agree with some of the comments, such as "no found relationship" showing on already reserved ordinances. It has been 2 years now and this appears to still be a "bug". Shouldn't the individual still add on any available sources, etc. before taking a name to the temple, check duplicates, etc? (Something that this app does not do.) Thank you.
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Maybe I’m being a “clod” (after having already completed ordinances for all known-and-needy family members, both “nuclear” & “extended”) but my approach/philosophy at this juncture is TO JUST GET THE WORK DONE for all those somehow-overlooked ancestors! Being quite limited relative to Temple-Recommend-holding family members (already overloaded w/names) the top priority is to GET THOSE SURPLUS NAMES INTO THE SYSTEM – to ensure waiting ancestors’ work is not neglected in the final outcome. With this in mind, the help from using Take a Name has been wonderful! It has found over 160 (probable) needy names out of more-than 30,000 names in our family tree data base. MY SOLUTION = take each name from T. a N. list, go to FamilySearch AND RESERVE THE ORINANCES to “SHARE with CHURCH.” Thus, all those waiting fore- fathers & mothers, grand- mas & pas, aunts, uncles and cousins will eventually be assured of having their ordinances completed. Maybe I’m being a clod, but believe the Spirit approves of such an approach/philosophy. Comments welcome!
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