Re-print Limited Use Recommend that is Active

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Re: Re-print Limited Use Recommend that is Active


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I wonder if the temple presidency can verify Limited-use Recommends in the same manner as they can currently verify other recommends?
If so, then the youth would need to provide a photo ID or some other form of ID to prove his or her identity to the temple presidency.
Dana Repouille, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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Re: Re-print Limited Use Recommend that is Active



I too would like to see a reprint button. But I do know the temple can look up the info and verify recommend status if a child does not have a physical copy. My children have made use of this option and it is fairly simple.

What would be really nice is a digital copy as part of LDS tools. Paper is becoming antequated. We live in AZ and this last year legistlature made presenting a digital drivers license legal. I use Google pay at the store instead of carrying credit cards. Quickly gone will be the need to carry a wallet.
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Re: Re-print Limited Use Recommend that is Active


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One concern with reprinting the same recommend is that it has the same bar code, and so it does not cancel the lost recommend. As such, someone could find the lost recommend and still use it, even though they may not be worthy (or even be a member).

I agree with some of the above comments that we need to learn accountability, and if we have lost our recommend, then having to start over again helps us to remember next time to try a little harder.
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Re: Re-print Limited Use Recommend that is Active


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The General Handbook does talk about this in section 26.2.3, and does not make any distinction between limited-use and full temple recommends. Once lost/stolen (or destroyed in the wash), the recommend should be immediately canceled, and a temple recommend interview is performed and a new recommend is issued.

This seems pretty clear. I'd think for any deviation from this, the Bishop should counsel with the Stake President, and together with their keys they can proceed the correct way for any unique circumstances.
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