I have two LDS accounts

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I have two LDS accounts


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Hi, I'm a young woman and I have two LDS.org accounts and they both are being used for separate reasons. One is used for my ward records (it has my calling in it, and is probably what my ward uses for my records) and contains my MRN. The other I've been using for online seminary and familysearch. The seminary and familysearch one has a lot of data from the two years I've done seminary and the loads of genealogy records in it, but I've never been able to add my MRN and I wasn't sure why until recently when I found out I had two separate accounts. Is there any way to merge the two accounts' data or something? Or delete my ward records account and switch my MRN and calling data over to my seminary and familysearch account? (I've pushed a little bit asking some of the bishopric to help me out but unfortunately my ward is very very small and I'm not sure how important a problem this is. I figured I'd have better luck on here. This is really bothering me and I want it fixed! :D)
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Re: I have two LDS accounts


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You need to ask a ward clerk to call the global service center and ask them to either merge the two accounts or delete the account with your MRN so you can attach your MRN to your other account. Make sure they understand which account has the notes that you don't want to lose. Unfortunately, there are no self-service options to merge or delete accounts.
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