Mother's maiden name of blessing certificate

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Re: Mother's maiden name of blessing certificate


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The mother's maiden name is incorrect on her record. Try following these steps:
* Go to the child in question
* Click on the Family tab
* Click on the mother's name
* Click the View Member Profile button
* Click the pencil icon at the top right of the Individual tab

Now look at the three name groups. You can see that the Member Name group has her married family name in the first field and her full given name in the second field. The Preferred Name group has her family name and first name.

The Maiden Name group is filled out incorrectly. Her family name is currently in the given name field and there is no other information entered. Correct this by moving her maiden surname to the family name field and then copying her full given name (from the Member Name) to the given name field in the Maiden Name group. Then save your changes and print the certificate.
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