Making a file of a non-custom report

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Making a file of a non-custom report

Postby ffrsqpilot » Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:52 pm

Since you folks have been helpful with other issues I've brought up, I thought I would give it one more try. Our stake is pretty spread out from one end to another. Even the stake presidency is scattered over a distance of 20 some miles. Due to distances involved we have taken to using conference call capability to conduct some meetings. One meeting that brings up the newest question for me is a pre-ward conference planning session.

The unit in question is 85 miles distant from the stake center. We have set up a conference call to plan for their branch conference where we will cover several items, to include going through the branch sustaining list. Weeks ahead we ask for a copy of the sustaining list so we can make copies for all the stake presidency as well as the assigned high counselor. Oft times the list doesn't get to us in time to make copies and in this case, the list arrived via mail after we had our last stake presidency meeting.

Since one of the stake counselors lives 20 miles away he will be calling in via the conference call for this evenings pre-planning meeting. He would like to have a copy of the sustaining list but with no scanner available I was unable to make a scan copy (pdf file). I tried seeing if I could download the sustaining list (it is under "print forms") but I see no way - or at least I could not figure a way to download it to a file. I can print the sustaining list but that does no good unless I physically drive up to the counselors home and hand deliver it before the meeting. I have downloaded custom reports before and sent them via txt. file format to the counselor but apparently that option isn't available with the sustaining list.

Thus the question - is it possible to download the sustaining list to a txt file, (or other format) and save it on a disk? If not, it might be something to think about in future upgrades to MLS.

Okay, now the real question - did anyone follow what I was asking :D.

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Postby marianomarini » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:03 pm

I'm far from MLS, so no way to test it, but I suppose that you can "print" the report through "PDF creator".
PDF Creator is a free software that emulate a printer and made a PDF file!
I hope this answer your question.
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Postby jdlessley » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:26 pm

Mariano is correct. Assuming the administrative computer is set up with all the programs available, there is a print driver called CutePDF Writer that is available. When printing a document just select the CutePDF "printer" from the print dialog under Printer | name. The printed document will be saved as a PDF file instead of actually being printed to a physical printer. Some computers may have other free PDF print drivers such as DocuCom PDF Driver, Progeny PDF Printer, or Adobe PDF Creator - just to mention a few. They all provide a PDF format file from the print menu of a program.

If your computer is not set up with a PDF print driver your stake technology specialist should be contacted to install one or to get permission to install one.
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Postby RossEvans » Sun Apr 12, 2009 4:04 pm

Just a followup to avoid an unfortunate side-effect of using something like CutePDF to priint from within MLS:

After you have succeeded in printing your report to a file, print something (anything) to your standard printer to reset the default. Unless this feature has been fixed, MLS has an unfriendly way of saving the last printer used as the default MLS printer, even for subsequent MLS sessions. (Yes, you get a warning dalog for each print task, allowing you to change the prnter. But it is easy for a user to click past it.)

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Thanks for the help

Postby ffrsqpilot » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:16 am

Once again you folks came to the rescue. I checked on the stake computer and we have CutePDF Writer installed already. Printed the upcoming Branch Sustaining list and sent it via email to our Stake Counselor. Worked out great.

You folks are fantastic and a wealth of information and help to boot.

BTW - coming to the rescue - that is what I did for my 30 year military career - Air Force Rescue - thus the picture of the Rescue C-130 in my avatar.


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