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Can I share study notes/tags with another person

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:06 pm
by tomflake
My wife and I are trying to study a certain topic. We would like to create a tag (or note) and be able to share it to one another's gospel library. So anytime either of us tagged something with that tag, it would get tagged in the other persons library.
(ie. if we were studying faith, we create a tag "FaithStudyTogether" and anytime I tag a scripture with that tag, she could see it in her tags under that tag.) I dont want all of the markings and everything to be shared, just a certain tag or certain notes.
This is a long term project that we are working on and are going to be tagging over a hundred verses.

Re: Can I share study notes/tags with another person

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:58 pm
by sbradshaw
There isn't currently a way to do this in Gospel Library, unfortunately. The closest I could think of would be to create a new, shared LDS Account (in addition to your personal accounts, and not tied to a membership record number), then you could sign out of your own account and into the other whenever you are doing your shared study. If you have two installations of Gospel Library (for example, on two different devices), you could keep one signed into your personal account and the other signed into your shared account.

The best way to suggest a feature like this for future consideration is to send it via in-app feedback under Settings in Gospel Library. Features that are requested frequently over time through the regular feedback channel will be brought to the attention of the product manager, who sets priorities and determines how features and enhancements should fit into the mission and direction of the app.