Remote Desktop Client (MS) for remote MLS

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Remote Desktop Client (MS) for remote MLS


Post by lynnwatson-p40 »

It is my limited understanding that all broadband usage at meeting houses need to engage a SLC-configured pix box. I could find that there are two hardware modules with their respective different access protools.

No need to elaborate the difference here, it's been done elsewhere, but I am interested to know if the firewalls are workable enough to allow a single port map though: 3389 is the port used to enable remote client's desktop take over and use the computer remotely. We find this a VERY handy solution to the alternative of driving to the physical clerks office. We get so much more done by working on this at home.

We all know it's easy to open a port to which we establish and services for particular port-mapping. Is it possible go get a church-programmed PIX flavor and have the RDP CLIENT PORT (3389) be set to be open for this remote desktop client usage model?? I guess we could go out thru third party manage solutions like GOTOMYPC, but it would be so much cleaner to just talk to the machine we want to run.

Been any discussions?

Lynn in Idaho
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Post by russellhltn »

The firewall is controlled by GSD. So far the indications are that they are unlikely to open a port.

You might also want to read the .pdf]Policy and Guidelines for Computers Used by Clerks for Church Record Keeping. It does contain a section on "Remote-Access Software", but it mentions only one specific software and only for "diagnostic purposes".

Given that it does address the subject, but only gives a very narrow authorization, one has to question if the remote access you desire is allowed.

Frankly, I think opening the standard RDP port to the Internet is a bad idea. Too many hackers will be trying it.
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Post by mkmurray »

lynnwatson wrote:Been any discussions?
A very quick search of the forums ("remote desktop") shows at least 3 other threads of discussion on this topic:

Search is your friend. ;)
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Post by Enigma1-p40 »

Working at the formerly so-called: GSD (Global Service Desk), now known as the GSC (Global Service Center) I can tell you that you will not be permitted/allowed to use any remote desktop connection programs on the churches computers. There is one program that most church employees know about that is used internally and also so that we, the technicians can fix computer issues faster.
Opening or mapping ports in the cisco hardware is offlimits and against policy here at the GSC. We understand that it would be easier for you to do your job from home, but this is, at least at this point in time, not an option.
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