Looking for a conference video

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Looking for a conference video


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Sorry to do this, but I can't seem to find a way to the correct forum. I am looking for a video of the hymn See The Mighty Priesthood Gather, sung by the priesthood choir in the 1994 General Priesthood session of conference in October. The individual talks are available, but the music and/or complete session is not available. Does anyone know where to point me to try and find this video?
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Re: Looking for a conference video


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That is just a little earlier than they started saving them. You may have to settle for the Logan and Ogden Institutes of Religion version at the April 2011 conference.
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Re: Looking for a conference video


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Were the hymns on the Conference DVDs or videos people could buy? If so, you might be able to dig it up from someone who has them. Check your meetinghouse library. They might have things like this. One of my callings has to do with satellite broadcasts. For years we recorded them at the stake center and stored them in the stake center library for checkout. Now that things are so accessible, we don't do that anymore. You might find some interesting things if you do some investigation.
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