Entry of actual attendance data in MLS

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Entry of actual attendance data in MLS


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I suggest adding a feature to MLS to allow you to actually record the 3rd hour attendance rolls within the program, rather than simply printing blank rolls to record on paper. I also suggest being able to add special non-sunday dates to take attendance on. That way at some point later you can run a report to see which of the youth have not attended a temple trip or stake activity in a while, etc.

Perhaps a report could flag attention to members who have made a change in their average level of activity. That is, people who used to attend every week might get flagged if they start missing around once a month. Those who used to attend half the time might get flagged if they start attending more regularly. These sorts of reports might be a clue that something is influencing change in a family's life, and that might be useful for leaders to know who to focus attention toward in certain respects.

And of course, having the actual attendance roll checked off in MLS would mean it could calculate its own statistics to fill in the member progress report.

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