How do I resolve an Error on Tithing Deposit?

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How do I resolve an Error on Tithing Deposit?

Postby RichZ » Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:12 pm

Hello. I am a fairly new Ward Clerk, and I need help with a tithing deposit error.
On 14 May, 2017, a donor paid: $420 to Tithing, $100 to Fast offering, $10 to Ward Missionary, and $5 to Perpetual education. However, it appears there was a keying error, and the $10 was not entered into the ward missionary fund, so the total on her tithing statement is $10 short. It should have been $535, for that donation, but it only added up to $525. I did some research, and this is what I have come up with:
1. She paid by check, and her bank statement and canceled check agree she paid $535
2. All the other tithing slips for that day agree with the Deposit Report except hers
3.The total amount for checks should have been $4170.23, but since her deposit was entered incorrectly, the total deposit was only $4160.23
4. The deposit slip reflected the $4160.23 as well.
5.The cash amount on the deposit slip agreed with the deposit report, so it doesn't look like any cash was "lost" or missing.
6. I can find no correction or adjustment in the monthly financial statement, so did the bank missed it as well? How would we know?
7. I can find no messages in MLS, during that period, saying the bank found an extra $10 in the deposit.

What can I do? How can I find out if the bank found an extra $10 in that deposit?
This donor wants to be assured that someone did not pocket her other Ten Dollars. I don't think anybody did that. It looks to me like the ward members who handled the deposit were just not thorough enough.

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Re: How do I resolve an Error on Tithing Deposit?

Postby lajackson » Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:54 pm

Go to the batch and look at the contribution as it was entered into MLS. If the $10 was not included on the donor slip form, but the check was for $535 and was properly entered, there would have been a mismatch, and the donation would have needed correction to be accepted by MLS. I am guessing that the check was entered as $525, and thus that individual contribution balanced in the computer.

Your batch record will show the list of checks. If my assumption is correct, there will probably be one for $525 instead of $535.

If all of that is correct, and the bank correctly processed the check (as it appears from the donor bank statement), the bank got an extra $10 and it should have shown up on your monthly financial statement in the Other category to be resolved. Sadly, is it possible that bank "missed" the extra $10 and it will never be seen again.

After gathering all of this information, and if you still do not find the $10 Other adjustment, I would call Local Unit Support. They can look at the actual deposit and see how the bank processed the checks and the currency.

And more importantly, they will be able to correct the donation to add the $10 credit for the donor to the Ward Missionary Fund.

Keep good notes. If the auditor does his job in February, this should become an audit exception, and the chairman of the stake audit committee (a counselor in the stake presidency) will want to see how the matter was resolved.

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