Markdown for annotations

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Markdown for annotations


Post by corwinslack »

I created a note in the drafts app recently. It was intended as an email to the HO group. I had added some *emphasis* using markdown. After I pasted the text into a note I was shocked to see that it had converted it to Italics.

I cannot reproduce this even with the same exact text.

I looked at the acknowledgments in the settings of the app and noticed that MMMarkdown is licensed. Am I seeing a fluke or is there some support for Markdown?

If there is none now let me beg and plead for it in future versions. There are times that we want to have a pretty hyperlinked text in our notes not just a url.
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Re: Markdown for annotations


Post by sbradshaw »

Gospel Library uses markdown behind the scenes, but what's displayed in the rich text editor is already formatted. There's no way to directly edit the unformatted source behind the rich text editor. (I'm not sure how pasting markdown worked for you one time, but it's not supposed to work.) I would recommend sending the ability to use markdown links and/or the ability to edit raw markdown in the note editor as a feature request using Send Feedback in Gospel Library settings.
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