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Custom documents for XML


Post by erichdongubler »

Hello all!

I would like to propose a feature that would need to be supported cross-platform: a user being able to create their own XML documents and view them using Gospel Library. I'd describe the use cases and potential flow as:

* A "custom content" section will be available from the root page of the Gospel Library content menu. This may be hidden until a user has actually added some of their own custom content.
* XML documents can be added to Gospel Library via Settings or some other place:
* A form can be provided to define some required metadata, like the content's title and a file picker for the document itself.
* Styling for different content types can also be selected. Correct styling will be totally dependent upon the custom document's adherence to the LDS Schema that the corresponding app uses.

If this is popular enough to consider maintaining, other interesting (but highly complex-to-implement) ideas might include:

* Sync'ing custom content between devices when a user is logged in to their account on them
* Allowing and sync'ing highlights on custom content

Previous discussion for this idea has already happened here, though no result seems to have come of it.
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Re: Custom documents for Gospel Library


Post by mikefr »

As my Ward's Executive Secretary, I generate a weekly bulletin and print hard copies of it for distribution as part of the Sacrament meeting. With the Church's emphasis on electronic distribution where ever possible we have about 80% penetration of members who use both Gospel Library and LDS Tools.

It would be great to have a mechanism to push the weekly bulletin to a central LDS location that could then be accessible to everyone from either of these existing tools, although Gospel Library Custom Collection would seem like a good fit. A Stake and Ward Collection could be created. Such an arrangement could allow electronic distribution of not only weekly bulletins, but event flyers for local Ward and Stake activities.

Unfortunately, current Custom Collections appear to only allow inclusion of content snippets from other content that already exists in Gospel library. An electronic distribution method as described would need to be provided in a standard format (LDS XML schema or easier for mass content generation - PDF format) and a standard central storage location for Stake and Ward content that would be accessible by Gospel Library so it could easily be pushed down to members via that tool.

This may well have been requested previously. If so, could you directed me to that thread and if there has been any attention given to this concept?

Thanks for your time and attention to this suggestion.
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