Independent scrolling panes

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Independent scrolling panes

Postby cawilson » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:27 pm

So far I like the new interface. The first that has bothered me has to do with scroll. Not to have footnotes scroll with the text, like the mobile app does (I would prefer that not happen on desktop view, I very much prefer the independent scroll, but I could see others preferring the scroll synced), I mean how using the scroll wheel in the footnotes pane (or navigation pane) doesn't allow you to get all the way to the bottom without also scrolling the text down too.
With my default screen and browser settings, ... ofm/morm/9 shows both more text and more footnotes than can fit, so I get to scroll down to read. As intended, I am sure. If I scroll the text to the top of the page (where I can view links like select country), and then scroll only the footnotes window to the very bottom, I am missing the last footnote, 36a. If I then scroll down the text of the chapter, only then can I see 36a. It is the very same with the navigation pane, that I can't see the Cookie Preferences or the copyright when scrolling to the bottom of that pane, without also scrolling down the main text.
I am unclear if this is part of the interface, or temporary perhaps due to the version toggle and banner.
This is easy to fix on the user end, of course, but it took me about 30 seconds to figure out why I couldn't see the last few lines of a note. Maybe that just reveals more of my intelligence than actual UX problems, but just in case I thought I would report it here.

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