500 Error when creating new account on phone

Church Account is the primary user account (user name and password) for accessing online Church resources. Church Account was formerly known as LDS Account. This forum is a space to discuss all things related to Church Accounts (registration, account recovery, user experience, vulnerabilities, etc.).
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500 Error when creating new account on phone


Post by russellh »

I was helping a Spanish speaker set up an LDS Account on their iPhone. When we clicked on the link, "Inscríbase para obtener una cuenta LDS Account", the site returned a 500 error. I received the error using both Safari and Chrome browser on the phone. When I tried on a computer, there was no problem creating the account. I thought this info might be helpful to you.

The error was:
HTTP Status 500 - Request processing failed; nested exception is java.util.MissingResourceException: Couldn't find 3-letter country code for XL.

I have a screen shot of the stack trace I can send you if that is useful.
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Re: 500 Error when creating new account on phone


Post by sbradshaw »

Hi! This forum is mainly for user-to-user support. I was able to reproduce the bug, with my device in Spanish – good catch! I would recommend sending it in using the Feedback link at the bottom of LDS.org.
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