LDS donations taking a long time

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LDS donations taking a long time


Post by markwendy13 »

I'm just wondering if there's anyone else has had a long waiting period to have the LDS donations pulled out of your personal checking accounts?
we've got a couple that we haven't seen go through and I don't know if it's my credit union or LDS donations online site, but there's like an April 27th that hasn't gone through on May 1st and now I'm May 12th are all waiting to pull out of my checking account.
it's never taken this long before so I'm a little concerned that maybe we screwed up or just the website is bog down, anyone else?
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Re: Led donations taking a long time


Post by lajackson »

It does not normally take that long. Even with a weekend and a banking holiday, it would be surprising to take more than seven days for the entire process to complete.

If you have received the confirming emails and your LDS Donations page appears to include the contributions, you might wish to check with your ward clerk to see if he sees them. If so, it may be time to contact the Donations department and inquire.
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