Stake Clerk Membership Audit

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Stake Clerk Membership Audit


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The handbook states the stake clerk is to assist the ward clerk with the yearly membership audit and to help resolve exceptions. But on the stake clerk side, there is no way in LCR to initiate the ward membership audit. Only the ward clerks can start the process. Being new to the stake level on this, can someone please recommend a process for handling membership audit procedures at the stake level?
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Re: Stake Clerk Membership Audit


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Our stake clerk makes an appointment with each ward clerk (or assistant clerk-membership) annually. Together they initiate the membership audit with the ward clerk logged in at the computer and both of them reviewing the questions/information. If any exceptions are found, the ward most likely is the only one who can address them but the stake clerk will assist if needed. Our stake clerk encourages each ward clerk to run the membership audit quarterly on our own as a process to regularly review the records (though we are not "required" to do so).
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