Parent Unit Percentages

Discuss questions around local unit policies for budgeting, reconciling, etc. This forum should not contain specific financial or membership information.
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Parent Unit Percentages


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I am just curious what is considered the "normal" amount for a stake to take from a ward's budget. Budgets are always tight, but I feel it would be a lot less tight without 30% of the ward's allocation going to the stake.

Is 30% the standard amount for the stake to take from each ward? And as a clerk, am I allowed to ask what they are using it all for?
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Re: Parent Unit Percentages


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There is no "normal" amount. You may certainly discuss the situation with your stake clerk. But if this is really a challenge for your ward, I would suggest a better approach would be for your bishop to discuss the matter with the stake president, who makes the actual decision in this matter.

Circumstances vary from stake to stake, and in some cases from ward to ward. Our stake used to retain a certain amount from the general allowance and give all of the youth and children allowance to the wards. Our stake also gave a higher percentage to branches than wards.

Since this is a policy matter to be determined by your priesthood leaders, I hesitate to discuss specific numbers here. Our stake conducted regular reviews of the budget allowance in stake presidency meetings to make sure we were retaining as little as possible and that the amounts going to the wards and branches were appropriate.
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