Data Required for Stake Broadcast

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Data Required for Stake Broadcast


Post by mdw240 »

I am a newly called stake specialist and have been searching here for information on how much data is required to receive a broadcast from the stake such as for a standard 2 hour stake broadcast. I have seen the recommendations on the required download speed but would like to determine how much data is required. If anyone has any information for any length of broadcast time I would appreciate it so I can estimate and extrapolate the 2 hour data usage.
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Re: Data Required for Stake Broadcast


Post by rannthal »

I guess it depends on what you are going to encode your stream at. If you encode at a higher rate such as 2 Megs, then you will be using more data for that stream. If you are going to encode at a lower rate such as 700k, then you are going to use less data.
Also, at your receive site, you can set the client player to watch the stream at a certain rate. The higher the bitrate, the more data used.
So the amount of data used all depends on the encode rate and what rate you are going to watch the stream at.

By the way, why are you concerned about the amount of data used for a stake conference stream?
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Re: Data Required for Stake Broadcast


Post by harddrive »

MDW240, I would be more concern about how much bandwidth (bits/sec) the stream would use and not how much overall data is transferred. Then again does the service provider put a limit on how much data can be transferred before is "slows down" or before it stops any traffic. The easiest way to answer that question is who is your Internet Service Provider?

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Re: Data Required for Stake Broadcast


Post by russellhltn »

In some parts of the world, the ISP charges depend on the amount of data used. We can probably thank AOL for setting the "unlimited" as the standard for wired ISP services in the US. Then again, perhaps OP is contemplating using 4G wireless. (Eeek)
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Re: Data Required for Stake Broadcast


Post by weldon »

This information from YouTube might be helpful in estimating the bitrate (and thus the data budget) for different resolutions…
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