MLS 3.0 Issues? Post them here.

Discussions around using and interfacing with the Church MLS program.
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MLS 3.0 Issues? Post them here.


Post by Jimmer-p40 »

Many of you have received an upgrade to MLS 3.0 (even though the message says its 2.9.4) regardless of whether or not you are a beta tester. Here is why. At the end of the week the MLS team was testing some fixes for the up and comming MLS 3.0. On Friday there were multiple version patches that were being implemented for testing. This MLS version was meant for a smaller beta group that was already testing for the MLS team but instead was put out to a larger directory by accident. My ward received this patch as well. Really the search options and some of the callings got changed around but over all this is a good solid build. We should take advantage of this opportunity to help the MLS team and provide some good feedback on this string. So lets do what we can to help them. At this point we should just post things that don't seem to be working properly. Try not to put things out that start with "It would be nice if..." The MLS team has been working on this version tirelessly, lets do what we can to help them and take this as an oppertunity to help.:)
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Separate issue threads


Post by aebrown »

We really appreciate all those who have posted various issues with MLS 3.0. I know that the MLS team is being made aware of this excellent feedback.

Some of you who posted to this thread may wonder where the posts went. Because there have been so many different issues raised, we have been moving the posts to separate threads. They all begin with "MLS 3.0 Issue: ". In some cases I had to split a post that contained two issues, but I have been careful to link the split posts to each other, and to edit content only for the purpose of splitting the issues into separate threads.

If you have additional feedback on issues that have already been reported, please post to the appropriate thread. As new issues arise, feel free to post them to this thread, and we'll move them to a separate thread if we get multiple posts on the topic.

Remember that these threads are only for issues new to MLS 3.0. If you have other long-standing issues with MLS, we certainly want to hear them, but please don't put them in the MLS 3.0 Issue threads.
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