I see this app is still worthless

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Re: I see this app is still worthless


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lmcguire wrote:And it let me download the latest version from the google play store onto my old Note 8, but now it claims I'm not connected to the internet. Nevermind that the play store knows I'm on the internet, or that Firefox knows. The Gospel Library app apparently doesn't know its own system requirements, so it let me install on a device that doesn't meet those system requirements, and now I can't go back to the old version because they've also hidden the page from which you could download old apks to sideload - heaven forbid we be able to revert and continue using the previous version! I'm fine with them not providing tech support for any but the current version, but to basically force people to spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware when their old hardware works just fine for everything but this app is offensive in the extreme. I should not need some special encryption or protocol just to use an app that contains nothing but publicly available information any idiot could scrape off the website.

Thanks for nothing.

PS: The dumb thing even triggers downloads and gets to about 3/4 on the status bar vbefore telling me it needs an internet connection to load its starting content. Grrrrrrrrr. I don't have hundreds of dollars to buy a new device.
What version of Android are you running? Are you running the app from an SD card (if so, have you tried putting it on internal storage)?
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