Churches Near Me and other non denominational churches near me search results online - can we help?

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Churches Near Me and other non denominational churches near me search results online - can we help?

Postby aaronandrewjohnson » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:11 pm

Churches near me is searched on Google about 250,000 times every month.
How great would it be to provide resources for locating church meeting found at,-80.349035,4 as a temporary place of worship for those looking to find a new church.

Each time churchgoing people move to a new area they likely will want to seek out and find a new place to attend church. What if we had resources to help people seek out and find a new church building regardless of the type of church or the denomination to which they attend. What if we had online resources or Facebook page designed to help christians find a new church that might be of interest to them depending on their values.

I created a document on how to optimize the LDS website so that it could be found on Google for search terms that are most relevant for those seeking the gospel online.

My intention was to see if we could bring something at the top of google using our authoritative site in a way that could help those sincere seekers of the truth find the gospel online. So I posted the document in our forum a while back and interestingly I recently again did a google search to see how the church is going about optimizing the website and I found surprised me. I typed in “optimize LDS website” and the first thing I saw at the top of the search results was my article on inquiring as to how we could go about ranking at the top of Google and so it was to my great surprised when I saw that my inquiry in our forum was ranking at the very top of Google.
Here is my original post:

I thought about how I didn't even try to optimize the words in the content to rank for those keywords and that even without optimized content how impressive it is that the churches website is so authoritative that the search phrase would so easily rank the inquiry in the forum at the top of the search results.

So, I want to make another inquiry to our forum members and get your feedback as to how we as members can utilize maybe not this forum per se but to ask if there is some platform of the church where we can contribute optimized articles that aim to help channel truth seekers toward resources that provide the value they are seeking.

In other words, would it be possible for us to have a platform where we provide answers to inquiries online such as “true church of God” or “churches near me” or “non denominational churches near me” and then provide “How To” material that can guide their inquiry toward a truly useful result for them?

This is part of why I'm reaching out to our forum community- I want to see if we wrote an article and purposefully optimize the content in the article to maximize the algorithm search requirements for a search phrase that is helpful to those truth seekers of the gospel could our contributions help lead more children of our Father in Heaven closer to him online?

I’m curious about if we were to create an article with content optimized for how to go about finding a non denominational church near me or how to find “churches near me” would our efforts help build the kingdom?

The search phrases that I see where we could rank at the top very easily and provide a resource where searchers could get more involved in church are the two search phrases:

1. Churches near me
2. Nondenominational churches near me

The “Churches near me” search phrase receives many monthly inquiries and is the evidence of 1/4 of 1 million people in the United States each month who seek out a new church.

I don't know why but it seems reasonable to me that anytime somebody moves into a new location they would be interested in finding a new place to attend church.

Even kids who grow up in Christian homes and then go off to college often seek out places of worship where they could like-minded Christians. So as there are these good intentions to seek out either a denominational or nondenominational church along with a pastor and teachings that align with their view of the Bible it seems reasonable to me that a resource could be helpful for these good people. How neat would it be if we were to provide resources online to help find locations of worship for those seeking out their next church location.

I want to briefly explain how Google prioritizes their search content to show searchers content that would most likely end up most desirable for the end user and how we can create this value online:

In order to fully optimized an article to match search requirements that would best align with a higher ranking on google, one is to research the most frequently used words for the top 100 search results websites and see in what proportion of words are being used on average after synthesizing all the data and then add appropriate words into the content we want share so as to best fit the algorithm and the value that google intends to give the Searcher as the end experience upon reaching the website.

For example, if we are to optimize this article for nondenominational churches near me or churches near me there would be about 100 words to analyze and then create the best value to meet the desired result for those words. The top 1 to 5% most frequently used words in current ranking articles would be our top 1 to 5% words in the article that we create. This way, we are creating the best end user experience emphasis that Google is hoping to deliver. The next 6 to 10% and then the following 10 to 20% of words then must be used proportionally so as to deliver what is of greatest value first and then ensure that the context of our content is a broad enough and comprehensive enough to meet all the search needs of one seeking out for non denominational churches.

In other words, the mistake that most people who are “experts” in SEO make when trying to optimize content for website is that although they have gathered keywords that are most valuable regarding high monthly search volume and low competition they more often than not haphazardly use these keywords in context that does not meet that proportional word frequency algorhythm in a comprehensive enough manner that Google requires. More often than not, the context may include important keyword phrases, but the end result leaves out the other 75+ words that are required to be used effectively in fully meeting Google’s perceived comprehensive needs of the searcher.

Even with hopes that Google will give preference to the handful of words it still falls short of the big picture requirements where the site uses a less-than-complete article with words that are not matching up. What ranks at the top requires more of a line graph proportional match with the top 100 words used online after averaging the top 100 result website words and so the line graph ends up being a mismatch from what Google is currently ranking other websites and therefore although an article has keywords, the lack of utility of all the words required makes the website’s line graph appear unnatural or less useful and therefore rankings online end up subpar.

My intention for writing this article is to provide for a small experiment to see if we include an article such as this that contains words like nondenominational, Pastor, and even find appropriate ways of using seemingly useless but important words such as “free” and “privacy policy” and “leadership” in a way that helps rank an article such as this at the top of Google for “churches near me” or “non denominational churches near me”. I want to see if this article would help those seeking out a new church experience in that we can provide them a link to our church building locator where all they have to do is put in their address and then find a church close to their home. If the searcher does not yet have a church maybe they could temporarily join in worshiping with us.

My intention is that this outreach could provide a free resources to support men, women, and families who want to be united in Christ and who want to find a church nearby whether it be through a media site or an app or a Facebook page where people can even call in or email and receive information according to their location and the values that they hold. I hope they could then more easily get connected with a church or pastor or Bible group that provides the things they are looking for.

As an experiment, I want to bring this topic to our forum members to ask about how we could provide more content aimed to meet the needs of honest inquirers online seeking the truth.

My hope is that we can reach out in love to youth, college students, nondenominational or even denominational families moving to a new city who want to be part of a Christian service.

Even if we provided Information about where they could find a catholic church near their home or Baptist church or Lutheran or if they plan to attend a non-denominational church we could help them do it. Even if we provided a series of PDFs or helpful messages and stories on how those who were looking for places of worship who were able to find fellowship and a place to practice their believes I think that are these resources would be worth creating for people to access. I hope that those who search in Google for nondenominational churches near me or who search for churches near me are able to find what they're looking for.

For example, what if a person were searching for catholic churches near me or Baptist churches near me or Methodist churches near me or Lutheran Churches is near me and they found a helpful Christian resource community that was able to share the details of who the church leader or Bishop or Priest is along with contact details and the details for when church is on Sunday and what address the church can be found at.

I imagine this resource could provide even those who are not currently active worshipers with answers for how to get back into church even if they have been away from church for many years or if they've been at college and after some time decided it best to try to attend a church close to where they are.

I believe that having a resource where a community can help Christians find churches that would best meet their values and fulfill their methods of worship could provide greater motivation for those who could benefit from church and help them get back in church. I think we could utilize Google in a way to best help people who are most interested in cultivating their Christian believes in the way that they are seeking to fulfill the needs they have.

Here is where I make a few comments using words that can help us rank online:
Many events in 2018 about life, God, service, worship, and wholesome activities for kids would most easily be found if a resource were easily accessible online to all Christian communities in 1 place. Many good families interested to join church groups or nondenominational churches could benefit from easy access to our church family where they can experience opportunities of service, connect with like-minded groups, and learn about Jesus. We have such a beautiful church organization that watches over each other like family and I’m hoping our search results of media resources could help them find good groups of Christians to connect with. Even just having resources to know where to worship nearby or events in 2018 could provide value for those interested in gospel services regardless of denomination. Whether the online searcher is a recent move-in to a college campus and just looking for a church with current events or if it’s a family wanting to get involved and join with local ministries I believe an online resource found at the top of Google search for these terms would be a worthy cause and I think the site could help people have more experience with Jesus and add value to their life.

I hope that we can create articles to share the gospel in a way where all people searching for a house of prayer can find access to worship God and opportunities to give serve. We could share messages about God, service, Jesus, and how to build stronger families. Would it be useful to have a nondenominational church resource Where the content focuses on the message of worship and family and at the same time provide a means to connect with whatever ministry or ministries would best help them worship God in their own way. There are TV resources that are nondenominational church focus that help students experience God and draw closer to Jesus and learn about faith in Christ through various pastors sermons. I think students and families would value a site with media services and location resources.
If there was it a resource site for churches that could help people find church buildings no matter the denomination and provide the resources in a non-self interested way could this resource be of use to the worlds Christians who are interested in finding a church near their home? What if we were to answer questions most asked online regarding how to find a church and what to look for in a church so that there is opportunity to provide local meeting house options for the LDS church as a default if their church cannot be found or if we are unable to help meet the needs of the person looking for churches. It is my prayer that we can watch for opportunities to share our beliefs and that hopefully others seeking a christian church might want to visit a center of worship chose to where they live. I expect that Gods church will continue to follow the mission to build the kingdom in a way that continually reaches out and touches lives. My prayer is that our online contributions continually expand. I hope we can share our experiences of church, baptism, music, and that our conversion will add value to the lives of all Christians seeking to find church events and be able to contact a team who is ready to help and able to share their story. Now, out of all 100+ words required to optimize this content to reach the top of Google for non denominational churches near me I have yet to find a way to use the word "menu".

So, I apologize for these last 2 paragraphs and for my lack of effectively using the word menu properly. I wish to show this as an experiment to see if we're able to broaden our outreach online.

I hope you'll forgive my ramblings and please reply back with your thoughts. Is this ambition worth posting? Is there a platform you know of where we could post articles that help truth seekers find the gospel online using SEO? Is there a better way to go about this? Warmest regards,

(the church is not responsible for any of this content. This post is a sincere inquiry from Aaron Tjomsland with the sole intention to build the kingdom. As the owner of I take full responsibility for all content I post and encourage all who are tech savvy to build the kingdom with every talent or ability)
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Re: Churches Near Me and other non denominational churches near me search results online - can we help?

Postby aaronandrewjohnson » Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:14 pm

Quick update: 1 day after posting I see this forum article with the Meetinghouse Locator ranking #21 on Google for keyword "non denominational churches near me" which receives 33,100 searches each month. With a rank of #21 for that volume an estimated 261 new monthly visits are projected to see the meetinghouse locator link.

If anyone has interest in bumping up these rankings so that the article is shown at the top of search results please simply google the phrase: "non denominational churches near me" and scroll down through the search results until you find our link and visit the article. The more time you spend looking at the article the better. Clicking on the meetinghouse locator link is also helpful. Please don't feel any need to do this I just included these details in case anyone wanted to add their search influence to it. I noticed that only in some locations is the ranking being shown. If you do see it please reply with what ranking position it is in.

Most importantly, I want to open the conversation up to see if there is a platform operated by the church where we can contribute optimized articles that rank for keyword phrases that provide value for the truth seekers of the world using Google to find answers to their sincere questions. Thanks for reading and please reply with any feedback or comment.
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