11 year old primary children's transition

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Re: 11 year old primary children's transition


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aldebaraan wrote:While I'm really excited about these changes, there is one strange quirk to all of this that I find a bit strange.

The Deacon & Beehive classes will have youth aged 11-13, Teachers & Mia Maids will be 13-15, and Priests & Laurels will be 15-18.

But Sunday School classes appear to still be set up according to the age you are at the beginning of the year.
This means the 11 yo class will have youth aged 11-12, the 12-13 yo class will be 12-14, the 14-15 yo class will be 14-16, and the 16-17 yo class will be 16-18.

This means youth will be meeting with others older than them one week and others younger than them the next. Not bad, just completely offset now that we've aligned ordinations and YW progression. Rather than meeting with their quorums during Sunday School, they're meeting with a totally different group. Any thoughts on this?
This is a result of the way you are grouping your youth into Sunday School classes. If you want them to match the Aaronic Priesthood quorums and Young Women classes, you need to regroup them as Course 11 + 12, Course 13 + 14, and Course 15 + 16 + 17. The decision to do that is up to your bishop. The default configuration is one class per age group.
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Re: 11 year old primary children's transition


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After reading all this, one thing comes to mind: September 2010 and the rollout of CUBS. There were many, many 'hicups' during that, but eventually we got a much better system than we had before. I am sure that as they realize all the small things they overlooked during the initial roll out, v.1.1 will be better.
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