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Re: Ministering Reporting


Post by RebeccaRGeurts »

Do we have to submit a report of completed ministering interviews? If so, how is that done? Or do we just need to record which interviews were done?
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Re: Ministering Reporting


Post by scgallafent »

If you record the interviews in the software, the data will be transferred to the quarterly report automatically.
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Re: Ministering Reporting


Post by heidiplloyd »

What if I interview someone who didn’t do any ministering for the quarter? Do I mark the box to the left of the name to show they were interviewed? I just want it show that the sister or companionship was interviewed, even though no circles will be checked for any of the months that quarter.
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Re: Ministering Reporting


Post by garystroble »

The circle should be checked for the month or months you interview a member of a companionship. For reporting purposes we are tracking interviews, not ministering visits or other efforts by those assigned to minister.
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Re: Ministering Reporting


Post by weshale »

I’m the stake clerk and a RS Presidency counselor asked me this question. She has interviewed everyone in her district this month so those companionships will be marked as being interviewed for the quarter. Now they are planning on redoing companionships this month. Since there will be new companionships will they all need to be interviewed again for credit this quarter? Or since the individual sisters were marked as interviewed in Oct, will it carry over and whatever new companionship they end up in will it automatically show as being interviewed for the quarter?
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Re: Ministering Reporting


Post by BrianEdwards »

That's a great question I hadn't considered, Looking at the ministering interviews, although they are reported by companionship, they are marked individually and not by companionship. So I expect when you re-do companionships, the interview status transfers along with the member, and isn't "lost".

If you hit at least one member of every companionship with interviews in October (100%!!), and then re-do companionships in November, you could end up with a companionship where neither companion was interviewed in October (now less than 100%). But that's helpful in alerting the Presidency that this needs to be done, which is nice.

Also, I went to our most-recent Quarterly Report and clicked on the numbers for the ministering interviews. Here's the blurb that is shown at the top of that page, it doesn't answer your specific question but is informative:
This is a view of ministering assignments as they existed at the end of the previous quarter. The status of interviews can be modified and will be used to populate the Quarterly Report. If additional interviews are recorded after the clerk submits the Quarterly Report, please let him know so he can resubmit the report.
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