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Where to Report 2 Really Annoying Bugs??

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:16 am
by olivafaundezd
Hey Guys,

First time here, so I don't really know where to post this. I hope to receive some help or guidance.

Background: I am a Spanish Speaker and also a Developer living in Utah, so I read my scripts every morning in Spanish. I also know the "STUDY new experience" is in BETA.

When: This started a few days ago (Today is DEC 6).

Bug 1: Every time I request the next page of a manual or book(currently having problems with " ... y?lang=spa") it returns a 400 (Bad Request). I found my way around it by manually refreshing the page.

Bug 2: Every time I'm reading and try to highlight or select some text it prompts me to log in, even thou I am already logged in. No way around it :(

Thoughts: It seems like you are using Redux (not sure, but it is my guess), and I am losing the state with my credentials - or something similar to it - every time I make a request. If you are using React-Router that could also be the problem. Again, I am not sure about all that, but that was my first guess.

Please let me know if this is the right place to post this or if I should go somewhere else.
Always happy to help,

Daniel Oliva :D

Re: Where to Report 2 Really Annoying Bugs??

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:24 am
by russellhltn
The best place to report it is to use the Feedback link on the page. You may not get a response, but it will go to the developers.