Conferences vr

Discussions around receiving conferences and broadcasts for the meetinghouse via Internet.
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Conferences vr


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I think one time it would be nice with the rise in virtual reality. Using nextvr services to see what the turn out is. But their camera close enough to where you can see all angles of the conference center and the stage it might make you feel like you're already there when you can't be. I've seen NBA games that have started using their services and it puts you right on the courtside. It's amazing makes you feel like you're in the arena with the players sitting in the multimillion-dollar seating. Like myself I cannot go to conference because tickets are never offered to me nor can I get the time off and afford the plane ticket. So this type of thing might be worthwhile for someone like me who's to techy. Couldn't hurt to try one year for one conference
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Re: Conferences vr


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I agree. The NexVr is awesome and I would love to watch conference through VR. The tech works great. The church will get there. They are increasingly tech savvy.
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