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Re: LCR 4.4.10 release notes


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chris_hazeldine wrote:Hard to keep track of what is and isn’t supposed to be done.
Yes, it is. And you may very well be correct that they will adjust the code so that certificates may be printed once again in a timely manner.

Or not. I imagine the developers meet regularly to review these things and to receive instruction from the Brethren as the changes keep coming and coming. And I expect there will be even more challenges as the new program for children and youth rolls out at the end off this year.
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Re: LCR 4.4.10 release notes


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scgallafent wrote:
Jamesguy wrote:When is the Church going to update LCR so that the Action and interview list aligns youth interviews for advancements in accordance with the new guidance. Is the bishop suppose to inview youth approaching advancement in January as well as their birthday month?
The Action and Interview List will be updated "later." As far as I know, we have not received requirements for updating the report.

Until then, I would follow the instructions in the "Age-Group Progression for Children and Youth" attachment to the First Presidency letter dated December 14, 2018.

IMO, this needs to be updated ASAP! My ward as 100+ youth. After advancement interviews based on the DEC 14, 2018 policy change and now LCR is telling us to do Semi- and Annual interviews, it would be helpful to have the system updated to help us track this, rather than have to create an original product.

Thank you!
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Re: LCR 4.4.10 release notes


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Does the person called as the Temple and Family History Leader have to be a priesthood holder?
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Re: LCR 4.4.10 release notes


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I’ve just experimented, in LCR, with a Sister and a Priesthood holder. The sister can’t, the brother can.
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Re: LCR 4.4.10 release notes


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tacooper wrote:Does the person called as the Temple and Family History Leader have to be a priesthood holder?
Yes, from Handbook 2, 5.4.3:
Under the bishop’s direction, a member of the elders quorum presidency may act as the ward temple and family history leader or may supervise a Melchizedek Priesthood holder who is called to that responsibility.
Leader and Clerk Resources, which enforces the Handbook policies pretty strictly, won't allow you to enter a sister into the Temple and Family History Leader position. A sister can, however, be called as a Temple and Family History Consultant.
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