Young Women Camp Budget

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Young Women Camp Budget

Postby leroyalanjones » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:39 am


The Young Women Presidency is trying to prepare for the Young Women Camp-out this coming summer. They want to know how much money they have available to them in the Young Women Camp Budget. I am still a new Clerk and I have not been able to find the money available in the organizations. Could you please tell me how to find the budgets on MLS?

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Re: Young Women Camp Budget

Postby eblood66 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:06 pm

If the budget has already been set then you can print a budget report in MLS by selecting Finance > Budget > Budget Report from the menu. If you select Detail from the drop down box in the upper right portion of the screen it will then ask for a category and you can select the appropriate one and it will generate a report showing all the transactions for that category and the current budget balance.

However, the budget has to be entered each year. It starts out at 0 for all sub-categories at the beginning of the year and the bishopric has to determine what the budget will be for the year and someone (a bishopric member or a clerk) has to enter it. This process is described in the Help Center article Local Unit Budget Instructions. If you and your bishopric need additional help in this process then you should ask your Stake Clerk for assistance and training.

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