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Re: Single Adult Ward


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enimacario wrote:My brother Eber, would like to go over 45 ward in Utah.
There are not any "over 45" wards in the Church. Generally, single adult members ages 31 and over are best served in conventional wards. He should be attending the ward in which he lives.

There are, however, many activities that are meant for single adults to allow them to serve, lead, and socialize with other single members.

I would suggest that your brother visit with other single members his ward to learn how they communicate activities with each other. He might also contact the single adult representative in his stake if there is one. There normally also will be a high councilor or a member of the stake presidency who has responsibility for single adults in the stake.

He should serve in his ward in any calling given to him by the bishopric. Then, if he will participate in other single adult activities he will be able to meet many others, including sisters, and be able to form friendships with them.
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Re: Single Adult Ward


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I think the only way to find these groups is through networking at singles activities. Find out what happens in your area and chances are you may find helpful people who know the singles scene. For example, our stake has a 45+ singles magnet family ward. Any singles 45+ in the stake can choose to have their records in that family ward. I don't think it's well publicized, but it exists.
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