Another Double Selection Issue

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Another Double Selection Issue

Postby mevans » Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:02 am

I've previously reported problems with getting double notes (i.e., the same selection is somehow marked twice and when I click on it, it asks me to pick which note I want). I managed to get a reproducible scenario video to someone at the church, but he couldn't reproduce it.

I found another double-note scenario, and it see that some things depend on the web browser. I had been using Chrome Mac for most of my daily gospel study. I recently thought I should see how gospel study behaves on a different browser and started trying Safari Mac for my daily gospel study. I found I was getting double selections all the time. Here's the reproducible scenario I've found with Safari Mac. (It doesn't do this with Chrome; I haven't tried Firefox or Opera):

Perhaps I am responsible for completely crashing the note-taking feature on at the moment. While trying to get the reproducible steps figured out, all notes completely stopped working for a few minutes. I'm even logged in in different web browsers and the notes disappeared on all content on both browsers--then after a minute or two, the reappeared. I wonder if I crashed a process and it auto-restarted?

1. Select one or more entire paragraphs (this doesn't happen if you just select some text in a paragraph).
2. When the interface dialog appears to create a note, click on Mark. The note is marked.
3. The user interface dialog is still there. Click on Tag.
4. The dialog appears where you can add notes and tags, etc. Add a tag and save. Note that this problem only occurs if you add a tag; if it's just a selection without a tag, it won't occur.
5. Save the note.
6. Now, suppose you want to edit that note. Click on it. The note highlights, but also there's an overall blue selection highlight of the whole note. You observe that the user interface was initially that of what you would get for editing an existing note, but quickly changes to the user interface for creating a new note. (it took me a while to realize this and I thought I was editing the existing note). When I clicked Note, thinking I was editing my existing note, I instead created a new note. The only way to delete the new note is through the Notes page. The side bar interface for deleting it won't work. There are ways to get more messed up. I succeeded in creating three notes of the same content through the "select one" interface.

In short, the problem seems to be that when using Safari Mac, I cannot edit a full-paragraph note after I have created it (at least in the gospel library interface...I can go to Notes). Due to the strange highlighting that happens, it's easy to get multiple notes.

I'm posting this here so I can send feedback. The content length limitations on Feedback prevent me from providing the detail there.

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