Baptism / confirmation consent form?

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Re: Baptism / confirmation consent form?


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Bmiller1830 wrote:Why does the church not have a link with the baptism consent form right in the section where we are entering the info into the clerk and leaders website?
So... I take it we have to email a full baptism ordinance form and have the dad complete it and then scan or take a picture of it on their phone and send it back?

The need to make it simple... Just make a quick consent form that says I permit my child to be baptized or blessed with name, date and signature of approval and be done with it.
I'm not following... how is a quick consent form as you describe different in function than the form the system uses now? I pre-populate most of the form that I can in advance.

I try to get the counselor that is attending the baptism to be responsible for getting the form back (either electronically or paper). That doesn't always happen, but it does simplify the process if he does it because he is at the baptism. That requires I get him the form in advance of the baptism.
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