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The Ministering [Brothers/Sisters] - Proposed Assignments page functions as a sandbox to work out changes without those changes going public. Only those with permissions needed to edit ministering assignments can view or work through changes on the proposed assignments. Once the needed changes have been made then the bishop can be informed of the proposed assignments and he can review them and either publish them or you can publish them (click the 'Review and Publish Assignments' button).

Starting the process on the Ministering Brothers - Proposed Assignments page is done by either starting with a blank page or with the current assignments and working from there. If your predecessor was in the process of working changes the page may not be blank. You can start afresh by clicking the 'Start Over' button. This clears the page. You may find it helpful to begin by using the assignments on the Ministering Brothers - Current Assignments page by clicking the 'Use Current Assignments' button.

If you have any further questions your ward clerk should be able to help you. In the case he is not familiar with the ministering assignment tools then come back here with specific questions and we will be able to provide further assistance. There are other threads/topics discussing the ministering assignments tools in this (Leader and Clerk Resources) forum.
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