The Richer Study Experience Pop-Up

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The Richer Study Experience Pop-Up


Post by mllarsen »

Is there a way to disable or block this pop-up that appears each time I attempt to copy and paste without being logged in?
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Re: The Richer Study Experience Pop-Up


Post by johnshaw »

Same can be said about nearly everything at the church, I want to hit the page and login, I want it to pass through from my tools that manage my passwords.

What I've been told in the past is to first hit a page that you know will redirect you to a login and do it that way.
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Re: The Richer Study Experience Pop-Up


Post by russellhltn »

The same pop-up appears even if you are logged in. It just doesn't have the login option.
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Re: The Richer Study Experience Pop-Up


Post by sbradshaw »

I'd recommend sending it as feedback using the "Feedback" link at the bottom of the left navigation column. I agree that it should be less intrusive, especially if you just want to copy/paste. They could make it smaller, or hide it when you're not signed in, or have a cookie preference to toggle it on or off.

As a workaround, if you never use the annotation menu on the website, you can hide it by adding this to a user stylesheet in your browser:

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.LDSORG-body .callout-EaEKb {
  display: none;
Alternatively, you can just hide the "sign in" section of the annotation menu:

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.LDSORG-body .signIn-215_y {
  display: none;
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