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Air System Control Feature Idea for Bishoprics, Stake PFR's & Other Specific Callings

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:19 am
by nateegan
Just as the Church bought or developed the app that provides needed controls of the Church Network (Technology Manager) to Church Leaders, I think a similar program should get made that would allow Bishoprics, Ward & Stake PFR's, & Mission Presidencies to be able to Sign in and be able to schedule sections they need in the building to go into occupy mode for an event so the air will turn on ahead of time and run for the duration of the event/meeting (Outside of the regular scheduled Sunday Occupy times)
I could even see this feature getting integrated with the Calendar where only certain church leaders would see this feature so for an example could be a Ward Clerk is adding an event in the calendar that is in the gym at 7pm-10pm and they could specify that they need the gym and the kitchen. So they could check that they would like the air on & it can also calculate the set up and take down time provided & set those areas to the occupy mode & let them set the temp within the ranges allowed that the touch screens in that zone currently offer. So they could say they want it to be 70 & it would get that room to the temp before and during the whole meeting time.
(Yes I do know that our touch screen Honeywell's allow us to set the system to a temporary occupy at a temperature for a little while, but having the system prep in advanced like it does on Sundays would be nice & it would also keep the system going off if a leader turned it on before and no one gets up to turn it back on when it goes off during the meeting/event. I see it as a cheaper alternative than the church having to put in a bunch of motion sensors that would turn the air system on and off when an area is occupied.