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Online Donations Help


Post by cballou »

I attempted to add a bank account to make a church donation and was unable to locate satisfactory support in help & support articles outside this forum.

Who else has come across unexpected errors in the online donation tool?

In my case, submitting the form to add my bank gives the following error:
"Currently unable to add an account. Please try again later."
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Re: Online Donations Help


Post by davesudweeks »

Three questions come to mind for things to check:
1. Do you live in a country where online donations are available? (It is not available everywhere yet and you don't have your country listed on your profile.)
2. If you do, are you trying to add an account for a bank outside the country where you live?
3. Is your correct membership record number linked to your church account? (If you used a hand-written document, like a temple recommend, it could have been written wrong.)

The first level of tech assistance will always be your local clerk. If they cannot help, they can enlist assistance from the stake clerk or service center. There may be someone on this user-to-user help forum who has other ideas.
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Re: Online Donations Help


Post by lajackson »

An error in the ABA routing number will also cause an error. Some banks use a different routing number for electronic transfers than the one printed on your checks.
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