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Expenses missing from print/checks approve page

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:39 am
by nicksorenson
I noticed that if I enter in a few expenses, go to the next page to authorize/review them, then go back and enter in more expenses then the expenses I entered the 2nd time are missing.

Here are the steps to reproduce this in MLS:
Enter an expense
Click to authorize/review the expenses (the entered expense shows up correctly)
Go back and enter another expense
Click to authorize/review the expenses. This time only the first expense entered is listed. When I go to submit the expenses I get a prompt saying there are expenses that haven't been authorized. It then brings up the authorize/review list showing the 2nd expense I entered. From here I can complete the remaining expenses.

Also, this is probably a bigger deal, but if you don't go through the 3 pages sequentially, when you get to the 3rd page and print the expense report it is empty. It doesn't list any of the expenses you just entered.